How to set up a Gaming Room?

How to set up a Gaming Room?

Setting up a gaming room is not so easy nor difficult, but to make a perfect gaming room setup is not so soon finishing one. To make you need to have a huge budget of money in your pockets. Here is the list of things that needs to be done for making you a nearly perfect gaming room setup.

Prepare Checklist

Gaming Checklist

Checklist #mygamerzone

A checklist is an important task that is the easiest for any gamer to make a list of things required whether they can buy or not is secondary. But the most important is to have the checklist ready which you want all the things from scratch till the finish.

The things you need to set up?

There are so many things that you want to do, but you intend to forget a few things which are small not to be seen around and they are very important. It can be controllers, wires, CDs, setup cable antenna, etc and that’s why checklist will help you. After the list is prepared, you need to start working on things which you can do on your own, take the help of your close friends, help from your parents or siblings and get the things set up with whatever you have.

The position of your room?

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The position where you will sit, positioning T.Vs, cameras, music systems, speakers, wires, gaming devices, books, CDs, etc These will have an impact when you don’t go properly with your gaming setup room. Cause you want to stretch your things out, keeping decent & simple but looking like a perfect way to make gaming room decor setup.

The decor of your room?

Gaming room neat & tidy

The decor of your room is an important task of making your gaming room setup. It looks very difficult which is actually not. The way it should go is to make the room compact by putting up soundproof panels on your ceilings which makes your sound to be real and loud in the room. It will be an outstanding sound.

Placing your sound systems and speakers properly, long with the Display Television set maybe 2 to 3 (depends on the person on how many he/she wants to put). Along with that making the Display to glow in bright full colors on white or light color background, would be a great idea and show how the rooms glow by.

Keen on seeing too many connections and wires knot out? Bring on the pipes of plastic or rubber coating called Insulation, to keep your wires hold in one place and look systematic.

The cleanliness of your room

The gaming room should be compact and should be dust-free. Don’t keep any devices open or the Speakers, use it and close it with cloth or plastic to cover. Make sure you don’t allow any dust particles to come in. Make sure you keep the room clean and tidy. All CDs reck one place, Controllers on another drawer, the manuals, and warranty of each stuff kept properly, etc.

Brief requirements for your PC gaming//Tablet gaming/Mobile Gaming? 

PC gaming:

For the PC section, The desktop you should choose any which are suitable for your gaming room setup.


Gaming Desktop

But most are very expensive desktops. Fear Not, check this desktop available in reasonable and will make a good impact in your gaming room setup. It should be very wide, High definition and Clarity to mark up the graphics to be shown on the reasonable desktop too.


Best gaming keyboards

For gaming, the keyboard is the main item in the list due to the way you play should be stiff, non-breakable, easy to use and long time. You can go with this reasonable keyboard which will give you good effect, clarity and easy to play your gaming stream live successfully.


A mouse is helpful to keep your aim very keen and focused. It will bring you the ease of moving you’re aiming in the right direction and making a success aim.


gaming pc software

This is the most important thing and mainly required as expensive yet a good one PC with all the minimum requirements like RAM, GPU, Software, Latest update, cooling fans, ROM, internal storage and processor. Theses should be the best enough to start with your very own PC Gaming.

Other Requirements:

Theses are the few additional requirements you might need to make an addition to your gaming room setup.


Surround your gaming room with speakers to make you live streaming go in reality.


Connect wires and keep in steady corners with a well tidy place to make your gaming room look cool and neat.


You might need this to do communications/speak in the live game sessions to make your voice reach out.


gaming headphones

Get one headphone which will make you hear clear sounds in your gaming sessions.


Never the less for the best recording or normal recording, the camera is the best option to make you see yourself clearly as well as make your videos clear. Make the best video game room ever.

Mobile Gaming:

Now the latest trending is Mobile Gaming, as 75% of the planet has mobiles which are faster, gamer versions and no deal but can do a lot in mobile gaming. This is the simplest one to start your gaming career in 2020.

Setting up with decor theme

Select a theme that is very suitable for your gaming room as well as for your gaming section too. It can be your very own choice.

Prepare your gaming room now!


No matter how rich or poor you are, but anyone who has knowledge about gaming can surely be a gamer in no time. To make a gaming room setup will take quite a little time for lasts about 6 months up to 1 year depends on your income or your expenditure on it too. Make your career in gaming if you are capable of becoming one. Start from small, you will intend to make mistakes, but you keep practicing will make you a perfect gamer in one year’s time or maybe 2 years. It’s all on you. To know further, go for growing your gaming zone up?

Wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020

Wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020


Merry Christmas & Complements of the season to all gamers around the globe. May the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ be with each and everyone of you. This season is filled with love, joy, happiness and fill with smiles of happy faces every place. 

Christmas is making us to bring peace, happiness, joy, helping others in many ways and giving the great moments of being with your loved ones.

In few days New Year will be approaching and giving us the new year’s eve.  Let’s make the new year gaming more efficient and get ready to play the power games.

How to Grow your Gaming Zone?

How to Grow your Gaming Zone?

Grow your Gaming Zone
Growing your Gaming Zone

Well most of the time, students of age minimum 18 years till the age of 40 years and may be above also, have a way of thinking how to grow your gaming channel or your game community group of your own. 

Most say it will take time to grow as it should be searched by users or a person who is actually searching for it, should click MY CHANNEL or MY WEBSITE or MY COMMUNITY and in this way when one person knows that this site gives me good tips or information or benefits that will make my channel or website or community grow faster.

Here are the few ways to start a Gaming zone near me.


Many say or do is that when a person makes a free website or channel or community group, never start making live session at the beginning, it will create mistakes as at the beginning you don’t know from where to begin or how to do or watch videos and do it by downloading and installs of app, which is really extra thing to be done.

Game Live Streaming


Most of the gamers these days play PUBG or FORTNITE, start doing the live streaming. When it’s in progress, an Indian gamer most of the time internet speed fluctuates, so it goes off or does not show connection then you lose the live stream and the ranking of your profile in-game.


Source: casetoo

For whichever game you focus on whether PUBG OR FORTNITE or MOBILE GAME or any other, always make the person aware of how to get the tips and tricks in any gamerzone. You can also go ahead with “How to make your game wins?”. 

In this manner, you will make your channel or website traffic to grow more and get in users to get in clicks and increase traffic towards your channel or website. Here is a video for Tips & Tricks.


Grow your subscriber’s list in such a way that when you post a blog or pass a link of your video link or post a social media post, it should actually hit the person who actually needs the content or information to be known and it is for them. Then your audience will not miss any kind of posts or latest videos uploaded or community messages. It will be trust known.


Game audience to be known


If you want to grow in your list, make your game live in such a way that other people will say that “This person has something new”. You will get to hear these gaming quotes. 

It will make the person understand and make it check your videos or posts, as it’s different from the normal players.

In this way, my gamer zone has given you ways you can grow your channel or community or new gaming zone setup on website in a huge way. 

Begin of New Site

Begin of New Site

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There is loads of information about different games available through different resources. 

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