The Heath Ledger Joker Bobblehead | Product Review

Here is the first Product review of ” THE HEATH LEDGER JOKER BOBBLEHEAD”.

Most of the gamers do like this type of Bobbleheads. They do alot of customize work with these type of bobbleheads. You also call it as Toy Bobblehead.

Types of Bobbleheads

You get alot of different types like Character wise like Joker or Batman or Superman and Personal Face characters like your real face. This wiggles when you shake it’s head. That’s why called Bobblehead.

Another type is like Statue, the head does’nt wiggle, it remains still as statue. You can select any one as per your choice.

Why this is unique?

This is unique cause of 2 things:

  1. It wiggle wobbles it’s head.
  2. It has a phone stand.

It has a small tray below where name Joker is written. Just pull the tray and place your mobile on it. You can place it on Portrait as well as Landscape. How cool is that. 

Gamers do customize their studio or gaming desk setup this manner to have a systematic show.

What are you waiting for?

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