Is PUBG Really Banned in India?

Is PUBG Really Banned in India?

One of the topmost games played in India are PUBG Mobile Gaming. The most powerful game played and the top game played in India
India is one of the billions where people and youngsters play PUBG. Boys as well as Girls, Men as well as Women also play.

India got banned on PUBG!

First when PUBG was supposed to banned was in the month of July, where the Indian government removed almost 119 Applications which are made from China. All applications, made from China was literally earning and having our data recorded and stored in their database.
Also PUBG was involved in the list, but didnt go ahead to removed.

Second was in the month of August end, when again Indian Givernment announced and finalized 59 applications are removed including PUBG AND PUBG Lite. That time almost all the players in were shocked.

Is PUBG banned in India?

Yes. At the moment it is banned. On 28th October 2020, the PUBG Corporation has send out on tweets and mails to the authorithies saying:

PUBG legal ban notice

As mentioned in the notice that by 2nd of November 2020, that All the PUBG servers across India will be completely banned.

When the notice came out, lot of users got this screenshot that PUBG mobile was opening only once along with the notice shared, stating that India will be banning PUBG and “Okay” button is there, then once you can play and later you get out of the mobile application and again you open the game, it will show an error like this:

Chineese Apps banned in India

Why did the India Government banned PUBG?

It was because of just one thing was the game program was collaborated with thr Tencent Games Community, which is the China’s community of game database. All the details and data about the players are viewed by them. That’s why PUBG was in Banned list in India.

Will PUBG be banned in India?

The answer is NO!
As the message came out later today on 31st October 2020, that Krafton Incorporation will be collaborating and becoming the partner with PUBG Mobile in India to be their database.

PUBG UnBan notice?
PUBG is coming back!

Is your data base in PUBG stored and secured?

This is an important thing that the PUBG corporation has mentioned and said its an important that the data of all users are to be secured safely and protected. It will not be misused.

(Incase you lost your account mail them in the image shown)

Till Then what’s can be done?

You can check out the best mobile games for 2020. You can check out any other game then PUBG to have your time spend more in gaming arena.

Till then Stay Home…Stay Safe…


Wit – Mind Fighters | New Memory Game | Mobile Game Review

Wit – Mind Fighters | New Memory Game | Mobile Game Review

Have you ever tested your mind by playing a memory game?


Introducing to you “Wit – Mind Fighters Rewarded Matching Game. It’s a new game. Check out the video below to know more in easy manner.

Game Review and details

What does this game does?

A game where you need to check your memory skilled game. A test done to your memory to know how fast and quick you remember which image is placed where.

A challenge done to your mind. It just have levels where each level has different types of images which needs to be matched at a quick time.

You can also check your stats in the dashboard to know your rating and on that base try to improve by playing playing till you succeed to win in less amount of time.

New Mind Memory Games 2020

What do you get in return?

The best part of this game is that you win rewards! How cool is that.

You try to scratch your fingers on your mobile and match the images as quick as possible to get your cards matched in less time. The less time you take the more chance to win and earn real money.

You earn pocket money which is reallly cool.

Which devices it works?

Memory game earn rewards

You can download the game on your mobile through Google Playstore for Android devices as well as App Store for IOS devices

So! What are you waiting for?

Test your mind with Wit Memory game

Grab your mobile and start to download to play and eearn some cool money during this Covid-19 situations. Also get to check incredible lockdown ideas to know other ways to enjoy being at home.

Challenge and test yourselves!


Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Top 13 Best Online Gaming Sites | 12 Top Gaming News

Top 13 Best Online Gaming Sites | 12 Top Gaming News

In 2020, loads of new things are going on, there is no endpoint on the gaming section till all are over.Gaming sites are growing rapidly. The internet is growing in such a fast phase, even thou many gamers are there, but few consider such a way, things are going way to quick that no one understands how it gets in twist and crust out.

Best Online Games & Online Gaming News for You

Bringing you the latest knowledge on the following topics:

13 Best Online Gaming Sites









Tip: These sites will help you to gain a lot of information on making your own channel, path and you can have your own setup gaming room done.

Big Fish Games




Free Arcade

Armor Games
Addicting Games

A Game


Girls Go Games



TIP: Make your own gaming platforms. Plan what you need to aim for? Make your decision strong. Keep some financial in handy. Start to make a new and grow your own Gaming Zone.

12 Top Gaming News


Destructoid Game News Site


Games Radar +


Game Informer


Metacritic Game


PC Gamer


Nintendo Life




Christ Centered Gamer


The Verge




Kataku Game Site


Pocket Gamer

What are your thoughts?

A lot of gamers around the globe have their own opinions on the best games they play on and get their relevant game news.
Top 20 Best Mobile Games 2020

Top 20 Best Mobile Games 2020

Mobile latest games are increasing day by day and there are many new games emerging on a regular basis. This is due to the increasing number of gamers. The love of games has it’s own story even before a huge development in that field. Most of the people prefer to play the best android games, as it is handheld and portable.

Mobile phone games are loved by people of all age groups. Each year, we can undoubtedly expect a huge number of mobile games to be released. In this new year of 2020, many adventurous and thrilling games are out there to entertain people. My gamer zone has bought you the best and top 20 mobile games.

There will be updates on game new sections in the future. So without any further due, let us jump directly into the list of top 20 mobile games.

Top 20 Mobile Games

1. Minecraft

Mineraft Game

Minecraft is a famous game, in which gamers are put into a giant world. In this game, a gamer should mine their own resources. With the help of their mined resources they can build, attack enemies and they can do whatever they want. Minecraft game is also par to pc.

2. Mad finger

Mad finger game is free to play and the precedent of this series like Shadowgun series, Unkilled, Monzo, Samurai, and Dead trigger 2 series is successful. These games can be played as an individual and also as a multiplayer role. The game has the best graphics and animation features on the game.

3. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport Racing

GRID Autosport game is the best racing android game in recent times. The game is released in a premium version with no app purchase or advertising during the game.

4. Evoland 1 and 2

evoland I & II

Evoland 1 and 2 include puzzles, top-down shooter, trading card and classical fighter techniques are included in the games. It makes it one of the unique games on the gaming platform.

5. Call off Duty

Call of Duty game is the most recent game in the current period. This game has reached many people and becomes so popular, that it made it to the list of the best 20 games in 2020. Even though it has certain bugs in it.

6. Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Game

The augmented reality game took over the world since July 2016. The game has it’s own standards of new technology. Here a person can go around the world and catch the Pokemon using the AR technique. This game is one of the most popular games.

7. Noodle Cake Studios

Noodle Cake Studios

The games released by the noodle cake studios are always unique and adventurous. The famous games are Alto’s runner for infinite adventure, real Myst, wayward souls and the recent game is summer catchers.

8. Nintendo Games

Nintendo games carry a list of decent android games in the mobile gaming platform. Super Mario Run, fire emblem heroes are some of the best of Nintendo games.

9. Mount valley 1 and 2

Mount Valley Games

Mount valley has returned with the mount valley 2, the second part is as excellent as the first one and carries the same brilliant graphics and animation.

10. Oddmar

Oddmar is a game that is from Leo Fortune’s developer. The game has a Viking character who tries to redeem himself as the best before all the villagers.

Here’s a thing to go about! Set up your very own gaming room.

11. PUBG Mobile game

PUBG Mobile game

PUBG mobile game has already crossed 10 million downloads, one of the best mobile games popular in the World. In this game, a troop of hundred people landed on two Islands filled with guns, devices, and vehicles. The game is to survive until the end. The graphics and multi role-playing capacity have been the reason for the successful game.

12. Stardew Valley

Strawdew Valley

In this game, a player is allowed to farm, cultivate, build their own home, sell their products, and also it allows the player to have a family in a virtual way.

13. The room game

The Room Game

The room game new is an escape puzzle game in which a person is left in a room with a mysterious object and the player has to find a way to get out. The series of games has resulted in a successful game of creating thrill To The Gamers.

14. This war of mine

This war of mine

This war of mine Alice A gamer to be the captain for a leader of true people who are apart from the war. This game has plenty of content and good graphic and it makes the player make hard decisions.

15. Vainglory


Vainglory is considered as the best mobile game in the list. It makes the people defend Each Other along with their teammates. The graphics present in the energy levels energy bar and the environment is quite designed and attract the gamer.

16. Square-Enix game

Square Enix Game

These game providers are considered as the best mobile gaming developers. They have taken it as a serious job to provide quality games to The Gamers. Some of their best known is Hitman Sniper, original Tomb Raider, and many more.

17. Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada Game
This game starts with a Zombie apocalypse, in this game you need to have a safe ride with the teammates along with reminding them of their health and environment based crisis.

18. Star War Knight of the old Republic

Star War Knight of the old Republic

This game is very popular and occupies the name in every list of the top 10 mobile games of 2020. The graphics animation and decent features of this came makes it to be the best one.



The game is an absolute Shooter game it will definitely not fail to impress The shooter gaming lovers around the world.

20. Tesla versus Lovecraft

Tesla versus Lovecraft is one of the best games of recent times. The game increases the difficulty level in every face by adding more enemies to it.

21. Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run game allows players to jump on a platform in which a gamer is allowed to touch the object which matches the color of the gamer.


In this article, we have seen the top 20 best mobile games of 2020. The list contains the gain in which some are free and some are paid versions. So if you are looking to install an adventurous game on your mobile phone then this article would have been useful for you.

In this manner, you can play together and make your own gamer zone around.