Thursday, September 21, 2023
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How did FAU-G go with the Gamers in India? Game Review

FAU-G Game


Smooth Game


Fighting game


Adventure Game


Guns available


Good Graphics



  • Indian Game
  • Smooth Game


  • No Guns
  • No scenario or story mode
  • no talking
  • no proper tutorials
  • No offers

When the FAU-G, the game was officially released on the 26th of January 2021, as it was the 72nd Republic day of India. Everyone was excited in India, as it was the first Indian Royal Battleground Game, created by the nCore Team, Bangalore. It was a great initiative by the Indian Government when it had banned 119 applications (Including PUBG).

As currently, this is the 7th-month on-going for PUBG banned in India.

How did FAU-G go about in Real?

FAU-G Game on Google play store

FAU-G was having almost 5 million Pre-Registrations, which started in the last 2 months’ time. The FAU-G game came only for the Android version. Not in the IOS version yet. The game install button was live from 12pm Indian Standard Time (IST) in Google Playstore.

FAU-G’s first outlook on the game app

FAU-G game loading screen

The first look of the gaming app shows like this manner. The game video review was done. It was an amazing view to watch about.

FAUG Game Lobby

The first outlook layout was very simple and unique, same as other gaming apps like PUBG, or FreeFire, or Call of Duty. In FAU-G, it showed the main Army person who was the character, along with the silver coins and the player’s profile.

Play of the FAU-G game


FAU-G healing place camp fire

The game was set on the story based where the army force commander was in search of his soldiers which were very badly bitten and kept hidden. The moves as shown by hitting on had as Karate hits done. Also, there was hand weapons only not guns. As on the latest updates which come, soon the FAU-G game will be containing weapons called guns in the further upcoming updates.

This was the only game which had story based mode as other battleground games don’t have story based game. It’s just about level based upto 2 rounds or till 4 rounds match point score.

FAU-G game structure fitted?

The game structure is so simple. The game has the lobby with features as Gold coins, Silver coins, Type of modes (At the moment only story based is there, rest under construction), Player profile and the game level with rewards.

A very simple lobby loadout.

FAU-G In-app purchases

App purchases store

Most of the in-app purchases are shown for skins, silver coins, gold coins. But then soon in-app purchases will come for Royal pass purchases, which then will make the game interesting.

The different levels along with the reward section is shown below.

FAU-G levels

The FAU-G Game app also shows different purchase skins for the melee or weapons used in the game. It also zooms in and shows how the weapon skins looks like.


skin show layouts

Size of the FAU-G Game

Loading screen on FAU-G

The game size is almost 589 Mb for the android version here. It’s the 1st Beta version game app.

You can check how did India’s 1st Royal Battleground called FAU-G game basic and initial came to India.

What is your opinion?

Well now that you know that PUBG is banned in Inda, the FAUG game launched in India too, but How did FAU-G do i.e. nCore Team succeeded? Was this their output or will it be more to come?

Let’s see your opinions in the comments below.