Thursday, September 21, 2023
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How to Grow your Gaming Presence Online?

Now during the Lockdown situations, young as well as old, are on Mobiles, Laptops or PCs at home. But probably the usage of mobile phones is way up and is in increasing day by day. As mobile tends to be faster, smooth, and convenient for young as well as old.

Search in Google

Most of you will be at home, tending to think when all will move out easily as before? 40% of the population may work from home, 10% will be working in the office and the remaining 50% will be at home with no work and earn for their living.

Most people with good education and qualified with good positions have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 situations as most companies and businesses drop which concludes to be closed. No services, financials, and sales didn’t work well.

Now, for most of the people working on the desktops or digital marketing areas have a great scope of creating an online gaming presence. Most of you can do and make it too. But, need to have patience and time.

So Let’s begin…

How to Create an Easy Gaming Website?

Create a game website

To create a simple website, you need to do your research on the google like,” How to create a website for free? You will get best searches and read about some blogs. 

Check out the YouTube videos too. You will get a lot of results and easy way to do a simple website online.

Requirements for Creating a Gaming Website

Gaming Requirements

These are the basic requirements required to begin your free and simple website.

Selecting a Domain Name and Hosting Service?

Best website builder and host

You can choose the best website builder as WordPressOne of the best SEO customized, responsive for all types of devices and easy to use for anyone. It makes to choose the best themes in the wordpress backend. You can also opt for other website buiilders like or

Domain name is the major part of your online growth. It will depend on which niche you are selecting. So for example: if you selecting gaming then you can go with “”.

Selecting the best hosting service with wordpress like Bluehost, which is the best & less rated hosting service, which provides the best service for WordPress site.

Additional Services

Once you setup your domain name, hosting service and website builder, you start doing the website analysis like designing the website, adding your contact details, get in touch for any queries, adding the best & unique contents, creating your own videos & uploading on website.

You can do any changes on your website if you know abit of coding, bootsraping designs, adding background animations, creating live streaming and so many things, which will help to grow your website.

Ready to go for Social Media's

Share it on Social Media's

When your website designing, contact page, about page and your important part is content, it should be “A FRESH CONTENT” no DUPLICATES!

Do create or connect your accounts to the different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube and others. Do internal connect with each media so when you post one it automatically sends to others. SO YOU SAVE TIME!

Monetize your content

Google Adsense

When your website and social media’s are ready with daily contents, posts, likes, follows, subscribes, videos and engagements, you try to put your site to monetize your site to Google Adsense. 

It will not be approved at once, but try to get it confirmed and then your will be able to earn from your website.

Conclude to Go

Now here is the list and requirements to build & make a simple gaming website. 

When time goes by you will notice and check out your competitors site, according you will start gaining knowledge of gaming website functions, gaming videos are being created and stories are being added regularly on website as well as Social Media’s. 

Next, check out how to grow your gaming zone.

You will do great!