Latest Offline Platformer Games for Android & IOS in 2022

One of the Oldest School, do you like to feel to play games on your mobile device which is downloaded? Well, then platformer games are probably right up your alley. They are some of the oldest forms of video games which s very adventurous and thereby one of the most popular too.

Top 5 Offline Platformer Games

If you’re a platform gamer already or thinking about getting into them. You’re not gonna want to miss this information. Here are the 5 most amazing and adventurous, beautiful offline platformer games just for you. Let’s get into it.


This entire game is rendered beautifully in 3D, but it plays exactly like a classic 2D platformer with a slight metroidvania. Bend, you got to start off without any abilities. And as you advance through the game, you’ll unlock new powers that will help you get some of the titles trickier puzzles. The game’s main protagonist is a winged girl named Nick’s who’s searching.

Somewhere on the scorch, dry Earth. Nick’s is given help from the gods and it can move pillars and other massive structures to continue on our journey. So in Jordan, it’s glass is a beautiful and fun platforming game that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.


Now. This one is a unique and Innovative platformer puzzle Adventure game with also really well told story. So in the game you get to manipulate the environment to solve puzzles in a deep and intriguing story of Discovery. Now, on the proposal is for this game, the beggar’s Ryan has a colorful cute and Visually feeling animation style. Everything looks great, and it has a nice mix of puzzles and platforming with some good game.

Mechanics, however, on the cons list, the puzzles are pretty easy throughout the game, but overall anyone who’s just looking for a casual puzzle platforming game. The beggar’s ride, doesn’t just point and offers just the perfect experience that users typically looking for.


A freemium fantasy action role-playing game, where players choose from a collection of classic fantasy characters and embark on a quest to find a legendary hero and save the world from a cursed artifact. The gameplay of this one is broken down into different levels that are a mix of fantasy, combat and platforming. And as you complete each level, you are granted experience and gold


This is an action-adventure game based on the original Castle of Illusion, where the main hero is none. Other than Mickey Mouse himself, who’s on a thrilling adventure to rescue his girlfriend. Minnie Mouse through the game. You’ll learn the story of Mickey Mouse alone in the Phantom castle and defeating a witch. The gameplay is much like the original. Design of the game is really good. The levels are gorgeously animated and colorful and Sprites are really well animated. So if you’re a fan of Disney that you should definitely try out this game.


Relaxing & Cute Imaginative. These are all ways to describe maybe dreams at. It’s very core. It is a mild Puzzler platformer game in which is directly controlled platforming challenges along the way you get to control elements. Environment, which involves some mild. Puzzle-solving, both the platforming and puzzle side are very easy for those who require it. The game is divided into five worlds. You have to advance by overcoming all the obstacles that get in your way. All in all, it’s an excellent, dog, dream simulator that has a really unique Concept in is just really fun.

Select the best game from this Offline Platformer Games list and share your list with us which is your favorite offline game for android or IOS.