In this 2020, would you like to earn living at home? Would you like to make your income pockets a little extra? Here are the ways you can use and start with your own affiliate marketing sites which will give you 100% response of passive income, relaxing with your family at home.

Affiliate Marketing means simply selling a product or service and earning comission out of it. You are selling a product or service that is useful to the person who is in need of that product or service. Actually it’s very simple and easy to say but when you start it’s difficult, but later when you understand, it will be easy and gain alot of experience.

Here are the simple ways to grow your income passive

Here is the list of the affiliate marketing websites which are explained in an easy manner. All you need to have is basic elements like A smartphone or laptop and an internet connection, which will make you start doing the work in no time.

Let’s get ahead.

Create your own affiliate programs in easy manner for 2020


Blogging is one of the original ways to collect all the different types of Affiliate Marketing. Colllection of Affiliate program content has to be evergreen mean not copied but original content written by me.

You can create websites through:

1. WordPress

2. Blogspot

3. Wix


5. Weebly

blogging sites

alternative niches

Other lead affiliates

This is really an interesting affiliate program where you can try out if you are interested in getting leads or creating an atmosphere where people are really finding that this will help to earn as recurring passsive income.

1. Hubspot

Is a lead marketing software which helps in saving time for bringing in leads and managing the leads data to convert into customers.

2. Leadpages

Another lead marketing tool which brings out to design the landing pages.

3. Fiverr

A place where all freelancers accross the world, meet the client’s work done in no time.

4. Teachable

Contains the list of different people teaching accross the globe.

Note: If you get in a customer for any of the above, you are earning recurring passive income every month.

Web hosting service

This is relating to the 10th point for creating website, you need to have web hosting service that will give your website a boost to load your website quickly from the server side.

You can select from the best Web hosting affiliate tools here:

  1. Liquid Web
  2. Kinsta
  3. WP Engine
  4. Cloudways
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. Site Ground
  7. iPage
  8. HostGator
  9. Bluehost
  10. Scala Hosting
Web hosting Affiliate programs

Social media influencer marketing

Share it on Social Media's

One of the most common platform is Social Media. Who is not using? All are using in today’s world.






This is only place where you can get alot of Affiliates working in the right manner. Just putting affiliate links won’t help you. You need to explain, promote, make understanding to your followers and this will lead you to influencer around.


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Email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best tools to create and make your views to get in subscribers to your mail lists. One of the traditional old ways to get in customers but yet used widely in today’s time.

List to check out:

1. Stripo

2. MailerLite:

3. AWeber

E-mail Affiliate Marketing


Review Sites or Apps

Reviewing the different sites or apps or commenting or surveys and earning this is an easiest way to make money and grow as Affiliate Referral programs across the world.

You have many sites:

1. Value Opinions

2. Time bucks

3. Rapid Workers


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Best E-commerce sites

E-commerce sites are one of the most best sites to start with an affiliate programs in 2020. The best platform to choose the product, promote the product across your social media’s and earn revenue from it.

The earnings can be done from your referral link.

Here is the List:

1. Amazon

2. Wallmart

3. Ebay

4. Tee-spring

5. Shopify


E-commerce Affiliate Programs

gaming marketing

Gaming Marketing Affiliate Program Sites

Gaming marketing is one of the similar ways as the e-commerce sites, promoting the products of particular website, across the social media’s and your friends to purchase it from your referral link.

Here are the List:








New Egg

Tiger Direct


Referral or inviting

When you try a product or service, you have got it, happy youare and succeeded and the company is giving you a referral or inviting link, where you can share it with your family or friends or accross your social media’s to make the purchase for that product or service.

Every referral or invites done from your link, you will start earning small recurring amount which is the comissions that you earn. It is very simple, but time consuming and need to get it in proper way.


Invite Systems

SEO Marketing Affiliate Tools

SEO Affiliate program Tools

This is one of the best affiliate marketing way to grow your passive insome. You just need to sign up on the Affiliate Program on each SEO paid tools and share your referral link or promote your referral link on different platforms.

There are lot of SEO Paid websites like:

1. SEMrush (BeRush)
3. Serpstat
4. Mangools Tools
5. NinjaOutreach
6. SpyFu 
7. Link-able 
8. Authority Hacker
9. SEOReseller 
10. Affiliate SEO Mastery

Which afffiliate marketing program do you begin with?

This is the list of all the different types of creating your own affiliate program and marketing it accross your profiles on the web. This way you can start earning an income which is passive and steady income. If you do it properly, you will be successful.