List of Things you need to Create your own Gaming Website

Hey, gamer’s around the globe! I hope you all are doing well and safe around during this pandemic time of Covid-19. Here is the list of all the important things that you need to have while you create your own gaming website.

Introduction to the Gaming World

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The gaming world is very vast. Most of the gamers out in the world know about the gaming industry and be successful in the gaming field or their career in the gaming world. Game Technology has been so rising that the world is really looking forward to making its way and create stunning gaming content which will make the gamers go boom bang around the globe.

Game is the best way of making a person’s life changed in all the ways, whether young or old, does not matter, whether he/she wins or lose, also does not count in. But makes the gaming scenarios even strong and stronger. To make your own ways and after setting up your own gaming room, setting up your gaming website is the next step.

Tools Required

ga,omg website tools

  1. Mail Account
  2. Website builder
  3. Hosting
  4. Images
  5. Personal Information
  6. Research & Data
  7. Time to allocate
  8. Content

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Types of Gaming Websites

You can make as many websites as you want:

  1. Information about a particular game
  2. Create a gaming blog
  3. General gaming website
  4. Create a game community/clan website (forum)
  5. Flash game website
  6. Sharing videos about your live streaming
  7. Directory of games or gamers around the world
  8. Selling E-products

You can make your way to create a game website.

Backend/Builders Sites 

blogging sites

You need to select the best website builder or backend which will make your website keep your data stored. You need to select a domain (name of your website). You don’t even need to code, just pick up and drag them into your site. Need to change your content and keep it very simple & unique. Here is the list of website builders:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Blogger

Hosting Sites

Next, you need to select the best hosting site which will give keep your website live and the power of the site to load in any country, and need to select the process according. The prices come into monthly or yearly plans, depending you need to select. List of Hosting sites:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger

Recommended by Me:


It’s always better you select your backend site as WordPress and its hosting plan is BLUEHOST. It’s also the most and reasonable prices which will come into your budget in less than Rs 500. ($8-$10) 

Add to your Gaming Website


When you selected your backend i.e. domain name & hosting site, you can start researching for the content or the information you want to share with others on your gaming website. You need to have:

  • Themes
  • Structure of website
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Forms
  • Contact
  • Comments
  • Sharing social media’s
  • News
  • Information 
  • Plugins (if you are using WordPress only)
  • Collect Followers/Readers
  • Community
  • Share other contents on your website

Best informative sites you can refer for Gaming Contents

Best game informative sites

To know how you want to see how others do add their contents or trends which YOU SHOULD NOT COPY SAME CONTENT FROM ANOTHER SITE.

List of sites:

  1. Game FAQs
  2. Siliconera
  3. Gematsu
  4. Game Informer
  5. Niche Gamer

Best Themes to add to Your Gaming Site

Your game structure

The theme is one of the main user interfaces (UI) which is really important for users as well as for google. The top most priority where your theme and layout of the website should be really easy, smooth and the google bots to crawl through your gaming website.

Here are the best free as well as paid themes which will make your website look glow:

  1. Render Forest
  2. Respawn
  3. PixieHuge
  4. PlayerX
  5. Eldritch

Creation of Servers

You can create your own gaming servers online where you can make it as a Multiplayer game with your friends across the world by doing live streaming + best live streaming and blogging.

You can check out how the Valve Software has shown defined and proper structure. 


You can start creating more in-depth ways to keep your users by monetizing your website by Google Adsense or by creating affiliate marketing, to earn some extra income.