Is PUBG Really Banned in India?

One of the topmost games played in India are PUBG Mobile Gaming. The most powerful game played and the top game played in India
India is one of the billions where people and youngsters play PUBG. Boys as well as Girls, Men as well as Women also play.

India got banned on PUBG!

The first when PUBG was supposed to ban was in the month of July, where the Indian government removed almost 119 Applications which are made from China. All applications, made from China were literally earning and having our data recorded and stored in their database.
Also PUBG was involved in the list, but didnt go ahead to remove it.

The second was in the month of August end when again Indian Government announced and finalized 59 applications are removed including PUBG AND PUBG Lite. That time almost all the players in were shocked.

Is PUBG banned in India?

Yes. At the moment it is banned. On 28th October 2020, the PUBG Corporation has sent out tweets and mails to the authorities saying:

PUBG legal ban notice

As mentioned in the notice that by the 2nd of November 2020, that All the PUBG servers across India will be completely banned.

When the notice came out, a lot of users got this screenshot that PUBG mobile was opening only once along with the notice shared, stating that India will be banning PUBG and “Okay” button is there, then once you can play and later you get out of the mobile application and again you open the game, it will show an error like this:

Chineese Apps banned in India

Why did the India Government ban PUBG?

It was because of just one thing was the game program was collaborated with thr Tencent Games Community, which is the China’s community of game database. All the details and data about the players are viewed by them. That’s why PUBG was in Banned list in India.

Will PUBG be banned in India?

The answer is NO!
As the message came out later today on 31st October 2020, that Krafton Incorporation will be collaborating and becoming the partner with PUBG Mobile in India to be their database.

Is your database in PUBG stored and secured?

This is an important thing that the PUBG corporation has mentioned and said its an important that the data of all users are to be secured safely and protected. It will not be misused.

(In case you lost your account mail them in the image shown)

PUBG UnBan notice?PUBG is coming back!

Till Then what’s can be done

You can check out the best mobile games for 2020. You can check out any other game than PUBG to have your time spend more in the gaming arena.

Till then Stay Home…Stay Safe…