Wit – Mind Fighters | New Memory Game | Mobile Game Review

Have you ever tested your mind by playing a memory game?


Introducing to you “Wit – Mind Fighters Rewarded Matching Game. It’s a new game. Check out the video below to know more in easy manner.

What does this game does?

A game where you need to check your memory skilled game. A test done to your memory to know how fast and quick you remember which image is placed where.

A challenge done to your mind. It just have levels where each level has different types of images which needs to be matched at a quick time.

You can also check your stats in the dashboard to know your rating and on that base try to improve by playing playing till you succeed to win in less amount of time.

New Mind Memory Games 2020

What do you get in return?

The best part of this game is that you win rewards! How cool is that.

You try to scratch your fingers on your mobile and match the images as quick as possible to get your cards matched in less time. The less time you take the more chance to win and earn real money.

You earn pocket money which is reallly cool.

Which devices it works?

Memory game earn rewards

You can download the game on your mobile through Google Playstore for Android devices as well as App Store for IOS devices

So! What are you waiting for?

Test your mind with Wit Memory game

Grab your mobile and start to download to play and eearn some cool money during this Covid-19 situations. Also get to check incredible lockdown ideas to know other ways to enjoy being at home.

Challenge and test yourselves!


Stay Home, Stay Safe.